Review of the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker

Sunpentown IM-101

The Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker might be a blessing to you if you are forever running out of ice during parties, large family gatherings or just for your own personal use.

This small, portable ice maker requires no installation and can make up to 35 pounds of ice in a day. It can produce 3 different sizes of cubes, which is a nice feature. At 55 pounds, it isn’t exactly a featherweight, but still small enough to carry from one location to another without a lot of heavy lifting involved.

It’s a nice size for a home bar, camper, pool house or office.

An LCD panel with a blue backlight is easy to see and has soft button controls that let you program the size cubes you want, as well as the 18 hour timer and the self clean function. It has a low water indicator, an ice full indicator and a 1.2 gallon water reservoir.

Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker Description

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The Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker features a sleek, stylish stainless steel body that is both attractive and durable.

It will make 12 cubes of ice in about 10 minutes, up to 35 pounds of cubes every 24 hours. The self clean function is an especially nice labor saving perk. It might be a valuable addition to your appliance line up if you never have quite enough ice to go around.

No drain or water line is required and no installation. Just plug it in after filling the water reservoir and it’s good to go. This little ice maker features an eco friendly, high efficiency CFC free compressor, so it’s an energy saver, too. Being CFC free means that the refrigerant used will not damage the earth’s ozone layer.

Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker Features

This machine is feature rich!

  • Produces 12 ice cubes in around 10 minutes and up to 35 pounds a day
  • No installation required, no water or drain line needed
  • Self cleans, has programmable cube size and 18 hour timer function with an LCD blue backlight display with soft touch controls
  • Energy saver and environmentally friendly

Looking over the features, you can see that the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker has all manner of convenient and desirable extras that would probably make it a nice small ice maker.

Pros & Cons

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It’s always advisable to do your homework and some research before making a buying decision. Learning the strengths and weakness of a product may help you to make a much more informed decision than you would otherwise.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker.


  • Fairly small size makes it portable without a lot of fuss and bother
  • Makes 35 pounds of ice cubes a day with no installation needed, no water or drain lines
  • Has variable size cube setting and self clean feature, along with an 18 hour programmable timer, low water and ice full indicators with easy to read LCD


  • Quite a few reviewers commented that you absolutely must clean this ice maker before using and that the cleaning is a total hassle
  • There were a few complaints about parts breaking, particularly the plastic ice shovel and without it, the ice maker won’t work
  • Leaking from the bottom has been mentioned, but this might be user error

Energy and Environmentally Friendly

Nowadays, an appliance of any kind that is energy as well as environmentally friendly is a good one to buy. Utility rates are sky high and rising, and the earth’s ozone layer has been compromised enough. So, the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker rates highly in these areas.

Portable & No Installation Required

For many people, being portable is a great feature as you won’t be limited to where you can use it, especially since there are no water and drain lines to hook up or other installation. As it weight about 55 pounds empty, it wouldn’t be a Herculean task to pick it up and take it wherever you wanted it.

Good Output of Ice & Variable Size Cubes

35 pounds of ice is nothing to sneeze at and more than adequate even for those who go through a lot of the stuff. Being able to program the machine to make 3 different sizes of cubes is another benefit, especially if you like to make frozen drinks and don’t want giant cubes that give your blender a hard time.


This ice maker seems to be a good deal for the price. You can buy it on Amazon for about $235.00, which seems pretty reasonable for what you get.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker has some good features and overall good reviews from people who have bought and used the machine. If you’re looking for something along the lines of a big commercial ice maker, you won’t get it with this one. On the other hand, it doesn’t come with the sticker shock, and huge price tag of a big commercial ice maker, either.

You can read real customer User Reviews on Amazon about the Sunpentown IM-101S Portable Ice Maker.