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Ice Cream Maker Over $300

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino
Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker, Stainless

  • 1-1/2-quart capacity bowl freezes 3 quarts of ice cream or sorbet per hour
  • Fully automatic: pour ingredients into bowl, press two buttons
  • Timer controls operation for different frozen confections
  • Housing, bowl, paddle made of stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • 12 inches wide, 11 inches high, 18 inches deep; weighs 38 pounds


Lello Musso Pola 5030 Lello Musso Pola 5030 Desert Maker

  • 2 Quart capacity electric ice cream machine
  • Can make up to 6 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato an hour
  • Stainless-steel housing and blade provide durability with a classic finish
  • All stainless steel construction including blade
  • Made in Italy


Lello 4090 Gelato Pro

Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Quart Ice Cream Maker

  • Self contained freezing unit
  • Makes 2 quarts in about 45 minutes
  • Built in timer, auto shut off
  • Removable bowl
  • 235-watts or 1/3 Horse Power


White Mountain NDWMIME611 White Mountain NDWMIME611 6-Quart Wooden-Bucket Electric-Motor Ice-Cream Maker

  • 6-quart electric ice-cream maker with 12,000 RPM commercial-grade motor
  • Dark wood stained bucket with galvanized hoops and electroplated fittings
  • Tall stainless-steel canister; cast-iron dasher electroplated for enhanced durability
  • Self-adjusting beech wood blades ensure uniform scraping of the ice-cream mixture
  • Slide and lock brackets hold and easily release the motor; stop/start for add-ins


KitchenAid KPFD200SS Pro KitchenAid KPFD200SS Pro Line Frozen Dessert Maker

  • Self-contained commercial-style batch freezing system for frozen drinks and desserts
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing and cylinder; half-gallon-capacity; front-loading design
  • Gourmet controls; built-in funnel and ingredient pusher; professional-style dispensing head
  • Horizontal freezing cylinder helps control “overrun”; drip tray; overload protection; easy to clean
  • Measures 16-3/5 by 15-3/4 by 15-3/4 inches; 2-year replacement warranty


Breville BCI600XL Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

  • 12 hardness settings; sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, and ice cream
  • Self refridgerating compressor
  • Fully automatic or manual functionality
  • Keep cool setting for up to 3 hours
  • Pre-cool setting to optimal operating temperature


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